We have been busy learning lots in our maths lessons today.

Reception children have been practising their subtraction skills by playing a game involving hunting for objects and taking some away.

Year 1 children have been developing their addition skills by using ‘grab mats’ to construct number sentences.

We always have great fun whilst learning lots!

Continuous Provision

Have at look at some of our continuous provision activities in our classroom this week.

We love our deconstructed role play area where we can use our imaginations. Today we have been rockstars, racing car drivers, builders and ballerinas. We have also had a Christmas tree in there as well as a bed and a car!

We are using flour to practice our high frequency word writing in. It’s lots of fun!

Bread Making

Last week we made bread just like the Little Red Hen 🍞¬†We followed the instructions carefully and worked together to mix the ingredients, kneed the dough and shape it into rolls.

Today we sequenced pictures to show the instructions that we followed.

Tomorrow we will write some instructions. Keep a look out for our fantastic writing…


Super Sentences

Some Year 1 children followed some simple steps to help them write super sentences in English.

Step 1 – Say the sentence

Step 2 – Read the sentence

Step 3 – Order the sentence

Step 4 – Build the sentence with one cube for each word

Step 5 – Say the sentence again

Step 6 – Write the sentence one word at a time, getting rid of a cube after each word