Rainbow Challenges 🌈

Today we started our ‘Rainbow challenges’ in class. We have to complete 6 challenges in continuous provision. For each challenge we complete, we get a coloured stick and after collecting all 6, we will have a rainbow 🌈

We are so excited about this. Look at some of the great learning that happened today…

When I make my rainbow I will come home with a certificate and my name will go in a pot to be in with a chance of winning a prize at the end of half term.  Continue reading “Rainbow Challenges 🌈”

Bread Making

Last week we made bread just like the Little Red Hen 🍞 We followed the instructions carefully and worked together to mix the ingredients, kneed the dough and shape it into rolls.

Today we sequenced pictures to show the instructions that we followed.

Tomorrow we will write some instructions. Keep a look out for our fantastic writing…


Super Sentences

Some Year 1 children followed some simple steps to help them write super sentences in English.

Step 1 – Say the sentence

Step 2 – Read the sentence

Step 3 – Order the sentence

Step 4 – Build the sentence with one cube for each word

Step 5 – Say the sentence again

Step 6 – Write the sentence one word at a time, getting rid of a cube after each word

Maths Reasoning

Year 1 have been showing their reasoning skills in maths this week.

Bob said “I can make all of the numbers from 11 to 20 using the digits 1 to 9.”

The year 1 children had to see whether Bob was right or wrong. They worked in groups with the digits 1-9 and worked systematically to see if they could make the numbers 11-20.

Mossab said “We can’t make 11 because we only have one number 1”

Adbullah noticed that “We can’t make the number 20 because there is no 0”

As a group we decided that Bob was wrong because we could only make the numbers 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19.